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As part of the Alliance Française world-renowned international network, AFNO has been offering the highest-quality French instruction for over 25 years.

Learn French at the AFNO for our ...

  • Professors: Our teachers are native French speakers, fully qualified to teach French as a second language.
  • Method: We focus on developing communication skills through total immersion in French and incorporate the use of video, audio, and printed materials, which are carefully selected to best fit students’ needs.
  • Courses: We offer a wide variety of courses at various proficiency levels and for every interests for adults, kids, & teens. Our classes never have more than 12 students to ensure a personalized, student-centered experience. We need a minimum of 4 students to open a class.

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  1. Placement Test: New students who are NOT complete beginners are required to take a written and oral placement test, either online or in-person in our school.

  2. Schedule of classes: Now that you know your level, look at the schedule to check the day and time.

  3. Ready to register? Download our registration form

    You can return it:
    • by email:
    • by fax: 504.566.1108
    • by mail or in person: 1519 Jackson Avenue, New Orleans LA 70130

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each term?
11 weeks in Fall, Winter, and Spring, and two 5-week sessions in the Summer.

How often do classes meet?
Regular evening classes meet twice a week, 1h30 each time.
Saturday morning classes meet once a week, for 3 hours.
Thematic (specialized) classes meet once a week for 1 ½ hours.

How long will it take me to learn to speak French?
You can expect to be conversant in French after completing levels 100-103 (one 5-week term for level 100 "Pas à  Pas" and three 11-week terms for levels 101-103).
Check our curriculum for more details.

Can I register after the official registration period?
You may still register for a course during the first 3 weeks of any 11-week term at the Language Center office.

Where do I purchase my books?
Books can be purchased and picked up at the our office. If you register by fax or mail, you may pay for your books and pick them up before your first class. We use the book Echo from Cle International.

Class registration policy

Membership: The Alliance Française de La Nouvelle-Orléans (AFNO) is a membership organization, and enrollment in AFNO classes is a right reserved for its members. The membership fee is valid for 12 months and carries these benefits: eligibility to register for classes, access to and borrowing privileges for the DVD and book library, one year subscription to Culturetheque (e-Library), free admission to Ciné-Club and Book Club meetings, discounts on AFNO cultural events, and discounts at participating retailers and restaurants. Membership fees are not refundable.

Registration: Registrations are accepted in the order received until the class is full (average size is 5-6, maximum size is 10-12). If a class does not meet the minimum enrollment of 5 students, the class may be canceled and a credit or refund will be issued. Alternative options such as semi-private classes or private instruction will be explored.

Payment: Tuition and fees must be paid in full at registration. Acceptable forms of payment are check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard), or cash. We regret that we cannot accept partial payments. A $25 fee is applied to any bounced checks. Where a student's employer pays course fees, an authorization letter from the employer is required. If an employer fails to pay the cost of a student's tuition fees and material the AFNO will require the student to pay the tuition.

Withdrawals & Tuition Refunds/Credits: The Alliance is a nonprofit organization that hires top-caliber teachers and which establishes class schedules based on enrollments at the start of a session. Therefore our withdrawal and tuition refund/credit policy is restricted as described below.
1. Notification: Class withdrawals must be made in writing, submitted to the Alliance office, and should specify the submitter's request for: a refund (terms below), a course credit, or agreement to offer up potential refunds as a tax-deductible donation to AFNO, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
2. Refunds / Credits: Depending on the time of withdrawal, tuition may be refunded or credited for use toward a future class (valid for 6 months from the date of issue).
- For all classes: any cancellations made at least one business day prior to the first class being held are refunded or credited in full.
- For 11-week (or 33-hour) classes: If a student cancels after the first class but prior to the second class, he/she may choose either a 90% credit or a 70% refund. After the second class but prior to the third, he/she may choose an 80% credit or a 50% refund. After the third class, no refunds will be issued; however a 50% credit can be issued for withdrawals made prior to the mid-term of the session only. After the mid-term of the session, tuition will not be refunded or credited.
- For 5-week (or 7.5-hour classes): If a student cancels after the first class but prior to the second class, he/she may choose either an 80% credit or a 60% refund. After the second class, the student may receive a 60% credit or a 40% refund. After the third class, no refunds or credits will be issued.
- For workshops (including cooking classes): Full refunds or credits will only be issued for cancellations 2 days prior to the workshop.

Missed Classes: If a student is unable to attend a class, he/she may make up that class at an alternate time when feasible. AFNO staff must be informed and will help determine these alternatives. Tuition credits or refunds will not be granted for missed classes. Students may also contact their teachers via email to obtain missed work or assignments.

Private Lessons: A minimum of 5 lessons must be purchased at a time. Once purchased, private lessons must be used within a six-month period. For a cancellation or a change of appointment, notice must be received at least 24 hours in advance, or payment will be applied. An appointment may only be cancelled and rescheduled once.

Transfers: All transfers from one course to another or to private lessons must be done within the first two weeks of the session and must be approved by AFNO. Any additional tuition or fees resulting from a course transfer are payable at the time the change is made.
Format Transfers: A student may elect to transfer from Group classes to Private tutoring, or vice versa. As Private tutoring is charged at a higher rate per hour, students switching from Group classes into Private tutoring must pay the difference in rate per hour (i.e. it is not an hour-for-hour match). For students switching from Private to Group classes, they can apply any pre-paid lessons toward the group class tuition; however this transfer must be made prior to the second week of the Group class.

Course Cancellations & Changes: AFNO reserves the right to cancel courses, adjust curriculum or change teachers at any time during the session.
Insufficient Enrollment: Typically, course cancellation is due to insufficient enrollment. A minimum of 5 students is required to open a class. If you are registered in a course that is cancelled, you will be notified by telephone or email and given the option to transfer to another course or to be fully refunded. As an alternative option for classes with insufficient enrollment, registered students may elect to form a Semi-private class subject to an increased price/hour charge or decreased class hours; if an agreement is not reached, the class will be canceled.
Substitutions: Very rarely, we may find it necessary to substitute an equally-qualified teacher for one that was scheduled to teach a class. Refunds are not allowed due to such adjustments. If, however, a suitable substitute cannot be put in place, students will be refunded the value of any remaining classes or an option for credit toward a future class.

Placement tests: Placement tests are required for all prospective students who have any background with French including, but not limited to:
- Previous instruction at an institution other than an Alliance Française
- Previous instruction at any other Alliance Française
- Previous instruction with the Alliance Française de La Nouvelle-Orléans if it has been more than a year since the student's last class

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