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French Placement Test

Can you introduce yourself in French? Did you study French in high school or college, even if that was a few years ago? Complete the Placement Test below and we will assess your proficiency in French and then recommend the class suitable for you.

Take a short ONLINE PLACEMENT TEST before enrolling with us!

In helping us define which level is most appropriate for you, you will make the best of your learning experience with the Alliance. The Placement Test may be taken on-site at our Jackson Avenue office or online.

You MUST take the test if you are a new AFNO student and have learned French before.

The following DO NOT need to take the placement test:
- Someone who has never studied French before. Please register for a 101 class.
- Continuing AFNO students.

Correction of your Placement Test

For session classes and immersion days
Submit your written test to us and we will call you for the oral test within 10 business days. Please note that conversations are given in the order in which the written tests are received. Calls will be made Mondays through Thursdays from 10:30am to 5pm, during testing periods.

For Private Classes
Tests for private classes are corrected by the assigned instructor once classes are set up.