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*Please note: all AFNO workshops are online/virtual until at least 2021!*

WORKSHOPS (ATELIERS) are short courses on specialized subjects that take place over a few lively hours.
Workshops can be cultural or linguistic, and therefore be taught either in French, in English or both!
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Atelier sur le présent

Product Code: WI21-W-le présent 2021

Age Group ADULTS
Type Workshops - Ateliers
Session 2021 - Winter Session
Level Grammar Workshop
Schedules On Friday, 26 Feb 2021
  • From 5:00pm to 7:00pm (Brigitte Gomane)
Note: How to master the present tense once and for all which is by far the most used tense in the French language (or in any language really) …

In this workshop, we will go over how to form the present tense of the three main verb categories (ER, IR, RE) and look at the present tense of most irregular verbs.

It will include fun practice activities and you will have a chance to practice your newly acquired skills!

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$40.00 USD

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