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Petite Alliance 3-6 YO

Petite AF 3-4 YO

Learn and practice French

Petite AF 5-6 YO

Learn and practice French
French for all children 6-10 YO

French for kids beginners 6-9 YO

French is fun!
French Immersion

French for children in immersion class 1st-3rd

French Immersion Practice

Pace: Once a Week

French for children in immersion class 4th-6th

French Immersion Practice

Pace: Once a Week

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Code: FA21-French for Kids-Wednesdays
This course is for elementary-school aged children who have never learned French before, or just as in introduction (as Petite Alliance), providing them with an opportunity to be introduced to the French language! Children will learn a range of vocabulary and language structures in French, such as greeting and introducing themselves, counting, introducing their family, naming objects and animals, talk about their hobbies, likes and dislikes, how to talk about the time, describe someone’s physical appearance, and give and follow instructions.

15 hours in 10 weeks | 1.5 hours a week | 1 class of 1.5 hours per week on Wednesdays.
ONSITE; taught by Nicole Horne
For children who are not in French immersion programs, for children who have had some French introduction or no French at all.

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