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Petite Alliance 3-6 YO

French Afternoon! 3-5 YO

French is fun!

Petite AF 3-4 YO

Learn and practice French

Petite AF 5-6 YO

Learn and practice French
French for all children 6-10 YO

French Afternoon! 10-13 YO

French is fun!

French Afternoon! 6-9 YO

French is fun!

Les P'tits chefs : French (&) Pastries ! 7-10 YO

French is fun!
French Immersion

French Summer School 6th-8th grades M/Th

French Immersion Practice

Pace: Twice a week

French for children in immersion class 1st-3rd

French Immersion Practice

Pace: Once a Week

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Would you like you 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grader to get some French after school help for their immersion assignments? Then this class is perfect for you and your child! Your child will get the help they need with our instructor Sarah Mahoney, online, every Tuesday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm for 8weeks.

8 hours in 8 weeks | 1 hour a week | 1 class of 1 hours per week on Tuesdays.
ONLINE; taught by Sarah Mahoney
For children who are in French immersion programs.

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