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Petite Alliance 3-6 YO

French Afternoon! 3-5 YO

French is fun!

Petite AF 3-4 YO

Learn and practice French

Petite AF 5-6 YO

Learn and practice French
French for all children 6-10 YO

French Afternoon! 10-13 YO

French is fun!

French Afternoon! 6-9 YO

French is fun!

Les P'tits chefs : French (&) Pastries ! 7-10 YO

French is fun!
French Immersion

French Summer School 6th-8th grades M/Th

French Immersion Practice

Pace: Twice a week

French for children in immersion class 1st-3rd

French Immersion Practice

Pace: Once a Week

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ONSITE at 1519 Jackson Avenue

Something is cooking at l'Alliance Francaise this Summer !

Our teacher Madame Brigitte is also a great cook and she is offering a French pastry workshops Thursday afternoons for 7 to 10 year olds to learn how to bake pastries (Chocolate mousse, crepes, Mille feuilles, Fruits tarts, cakes, etc.), all while speaking in French!

This French pastry class is a playful and a fun bilingual moment for children to bake and practice French. This summer class is designed for kids who learn French at school, but also for those who have no or very basic knowledge of French.

On Thursdays from 2:30pm to 5:00pm over five weeks, IN PERSON.

Special activities to prepare Bastille Day, French national day.

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Alliance Française
de La Nouvelle-Orléans

1519 Jackson Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70130

Monday-Thursday: 10am-6pm
Friday: 10am-4pm


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