Rendez-Vous de l'Alliance with Ibrahima Seck

Date: 05 Dec 2023, 6:30pm - 8:30pm GMT-6 Central Time (US & Canada)

We are excited to welcome you to a captivating event featuring Dr. Ibrahima Seck as he presents his recent publication, "Bouki fait Gombo: A History of the Slave Community of Habitation Haydel (Whitney Plantation) Louisiana, 1750-1860," published by UNO Press in 2014.

Habitation Haydel, nowadays referred to as Whitney Plantation, is located in St John the Baptist parish, between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, where many plantations have been turned into museums. The plantation addressed in this paper was founded by Ambrose Haydel, a German immigrant who arrived in Louisiana in 1721. The evolution of the economy of Louisiana is revisited through the history of this site of memory and within the context of the transatlantic slave trade. This focal study offers a more precise vision of the slaves, badly needed economical agents but dehumanised and inventoried indistinctly with furniture, tools, animals, etc. However, there is a ray of light on this absurd world: the ghostly shadow of the slave vanishes; he has an identity which highlights, for some of them, the African origin.

Dr. Ibrahima Seck is a former highschool teacher of History and geography. He became a faculty member of the History department of the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar (UCAD), Senegal in 2003. His research is mostly devoted to the historical and cultural links between West Africa and Louisiana with a special interest for religious beliefs, music, foodways, and miscellaneous aspects of culture. Dr. Seck is also holding the position of Director of research of the Whitney Plantation Slavery Museum located in St. John the Baptist Parish in Louisiana. He is the author of a book on this historic site entitled “Bouki fait Gombo: A History of the Slave Community of Habitation Haydel (Whitney Plantation) Louisiana, 1750-1860. [New Orleans: UNO Press, 2014].

Join us for this enlightening event that promises to shed light on an important chapter in history, exploring the deep cultural ties between West Africa and Louisiana through the lens of Habitation Haydel. Dr. Seck's extensive knowledge and unique insights make this a presentation you won't want to miss.

Résumé en français

L’Habitation Haydel, appelée aujourd’hui Whitney Plantation, est située dans la paroisse St. Jean Baptiste, entre La Nouvelle Orléans et Bâton Rouge, où plusieurs plantations sont transformées en musées. La plantation dont il est question ici, a été fondée par Ambroise Haydel, un immigrant allemand arrivé en Louisiane en 1721. A travers l’histoire de ce lieu de mémoire, l’évolution de l’économie de la Louisiane est revisitée dans le contexte de la traite atlantique. Ce gros plan offre une vision plus précise de l’activité des esclaves, agents économiques tant recherchés mais déshumanisés et inventoriés sans distinction avec des meubles, des outils, des animaux, etc. Une lueur cependant dans ce monde absurde : l’esclave cesse d’être une ombre ; il a une identité qui précise, pour certains, l’origine africaine.

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