Francophonie! Afro-contemporary dance performance

Date: 15 Mar 2024, 6:30pm - 8:30pm GMT-6 Central Time (US & Canada)

Be moved by the Dow Dance Company as they communicate captivity and honor their ancestors who were deported from Benin. Their duo’s work pushes the decolonization of the black body and represents the connections between French-speaking West Africa and New Orleans.

"Hommage au Negre" (Tribute To The Nigger) is an immersive performance experience that investigates the similarities and differences in the African and African American experiences. Originally created in 2022 in Benin Republic, "Hommage Au Negre" (Tribute to the Nigger) catapults audiences into a world beyond enslavement where cultural identity for both African and African Americans are continuously shifting. This dance performance dares to comment on the languages and relationships between traditional values, transformed within the American context, that challenges what it means to be defined as African.

Choreographed and performed by : Caleb Dowden (United States) and Arouna Guindo (Benin Republic)
Music by: HighHealDoula (United States) and Giovanni Dehoue (Benin Republic)

The duo, composed of Arouna Guindo and Caleb Dowden, is based in New Orleans. Arounda Guindo is a dancer and choreographer from Benin. Caleb Dowden, born in New Orleans, has been working for years in West Africa where she found her inspiration for the choreographies performed by her artistic company Dow-Dance.

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