explore intoxicating "immortelle"

From Porto Vecchio to Bonifacio

MASTERCLASS // MAY 21 (SATURDAY) at 12 PM (English) and 1:30PM (French)\

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Take yourself on a scented voyage of the French island of Corsica - with Maison Sulékó 

- One hour online class with Anastasia Sokolow of Maison Solékó

-  You will receive by mail, an envelope containing:

This shall allow you to discover the facets of the flower at its various stages: when it is natural, when it is distilled and when it is composed by a perfume designer to narrate a story.

About the masterclass:

Corsica is the island located in the South of France. Imagine a mountain, which has fallen from the skies into the Mediterranean Sea...

In summer, the island is covered by immortelle and exhales its enchanting scent. We want you to vibrantly experience this magical moment through the eyes of a passionate perfume designer!

We will first tell you about immortelle; its story, how and where it grows. Then we will share with you three of our favorite treks in Southern Corsica to discover immortelle: we will start in the maquis above Porto Vecchio, the famous Corsican scrubland, then we will explore the salt marsh of Porto Vecchio at the mouth of river Fiume Stabiaccu, finally we will hike on the shores of Bonifacio and across the magical Lavezzi Islands (natural reserve). Through this visual voyage, you will fully immerse into Southern Corsica and together we will unlock the scented atmosphere of each trek. You will then discover how climate, location and soil impact your perception of immortelle. Finally, we will show you how immortelle is processed to obtain a precious “absolute” for perfume creation. We will tell you about the language of scents and the secret messages locked in the scent of immortelle. We wish to bring to your home the beauty and poetry of Corsica in full bloom and inspire you to visit it yourself one day!

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$35: General audience


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