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A1.0 Introduction to French-Thursday

Partial Course

Pace: Once a Week

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Code: WI24-A1.0-Thursday
Your first date with French! Through a mix of French and English, this short primer course gives you the essential tools to excel as you begin your French journey.

This course is specifically designed for students with no prior French exposure. You will study how French and English grammar and verbs work, how they can be so similar and so different at the same time. Through comparative grammar, conjugation and vocabulary, you will discover all the tips and tricks of the French language.
7.5 hours in 5 weeks | 1.5 hours a week | 1 class a week
ONSITE; taught by Sarah Mahoney
This course is designed for students with no French language background

**Please note that due to the Uptown parade schedule, in-person classes will not be held at AFNO from Wednesday February 7-Tuesday February 13.**

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