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Grammar Workshop

Gender and Number Agreement Grammar Workshop

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Pronouns Grammar Workshop

Workshops - Ateliers
Intermediate (B1) et Avancé (B2-C1)

La Révolution Française, et son impact aux Etats-Unis

Specialized French

Beginner A1.1. light

Partial Level
A1.1 Beginner: Learn Verb Conjugation, Definite Indefinite Articles, Masculine v. Feminine Nouns, Simple Future and Past Tenses, Time and Date, Everyday Vocabulary, Express Preferences, Basic Requests, and Moments of the Day/Year...

25 to 30 hours of learning

The Complete Beginner Level is A1.1-4. Book : Cosmopolite A1.

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Pace: Once a Week

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Pronouns in French language grammar! Perfect for A1 to A2 levels!

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Les pronoms

Le pronom est un mot qui remplace un nom ou un groupe nominal. C’est une classe grammaticale à part entière. Il en existe une grande variété. Dans cet atelier, nous essaierons de les distinguer et de faire quelques exercices d’application,


A pronoun is a word that replaces a noun or a group of nouns. It’s a grammatical classification in its own right. There are a wide variety of them that exist. In this workshop, we will try to distinguish them and apply them in exercises.

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