Soirée Bretonne—Music & Film from Brittany, France

Join us for an evening of film and music from Brittany, France! 

October 24  |  6:30 to 8:00 pm  |  1519 Jackson Ave.  |  Free (
Donations encouraged for musicians)

This evening is presented by the Regional Council of Brittany to celebrate the cultural links between Brittany and Louisiana, with the kind support of the Alliance Française and Breizh Amerika 

About the film: Copains comme Cajuns (Trailer)

A film in Breton, French and English (subtitled in English) on the links between Louisiana and Brittany (52 mins).

The documentary film retraces a journey from New Orleans to Cajun country, from the banks of the Mississippi to the bayou. Over the course of encounters, the soul of deep Louisiana and in particular of Acadiana, the land of the Cajuns, turns out to be surprisingly close to that of Brittany. 

You’ll meet some of the cultural actors of the Cajun revival who share their enthusiasm for their culture and their exchanges with the Bretons of Breizh Amerika. This documentary also evokes the historical links which unite Brittany and Louisiana, in particular through the destiny of Bretons who distinguished themselves in the history of this former French colony, such as the Chevalier de Kerlerec, a Quimpérois who was the last governor of French Louisiana or naturalist Jean-Jacques Audubon. The film also explores the fate of the Acadians who settled in Brittany after being expelled from what is now Canada by the English, before leaving for Louisiana also links the two countries and an astonishing number of Acadians have ancestors who came from or lived in Brittany.

About the music

Two leading actors of the Breton tradional musical scene, Thomas Moisson and Roland Conq, will share elements of fest noz music letting audiences step into Brittany for one evening. They will bring together old and new, blending traditional trance like rythms with modern sounds to have you dancing the night away. 

Thomas Moisson is considered one of the most talented accordionists of his generation. He grew up performing early on for the demanding Celtic dances groups of Brittany, where he was noticed for his mature style despite his young age. Thomas has become a staple of the musical scene in Brittany, France. He often performs in concerts and festivals around the world, he has impressed many with his ability to integrate and promote innovative musical projects and participate in numerous musical creations and collaborations (United States, Morocco, Romania, Ireland, UK, Spain, Italy, Brittany ...).

Roland Conq is known has one of the top guitarist in Brittany never hesitating to embark on unique musical journeys with musicians of diverse horizons. In 2010, he picked up the banjo and has since participated in the project “L’idée Jazz” recording compositions by accordionist Yves Ménez. He was also a soloist with l’orchestre symphonique de Bretagne alongside the American violinist Athena Thergis under the direction of Derek Gleeson. A lover of natural wine he started his own vineyard in 2020 planting vines in Kervignac and Riantec (Morbihan).

About Brittany, France

Brittany is one of the most unique regions of France because it maintains a strong cultural identity and Celtic language that comes to life during festivals and traditional
fest-noz (night-party).

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