Causerie & Rencontre Zachary Richard

Join us on May 22nd at 6:30 pm for a special event featuring Zachary Richard as he presents his book "Les Rafales du carême." Be among the first to discover the debut French-language novel by a Louisiana author in 129 years.

Book summary:
In the turmoil that descends upon southern Louisiana following the Civil War, seventeen-year-old André Boudreaux delves into the life of his grandfather, Drozin. This Confederate veteran, who has become wealthy thanks to the arrival of the railroad, seeks to regain his prestige and political power. However, the sordid murder of André's uncle, the tumultuous elections of 1882, and the political ambitions of his daughter-in-law will disrupt his world.

Dans le désarroi qui s'abat sur le sud de la Louisiane à la suite de la guerre de Sécession, André Boudreaux, dix-sept ans, découvre la vie de son grand-père Drozin. Ce vétéran sudiste, devenu un homme riche grâce à l'arrivée de la voie ferrée, tente de regagner son prestige et son pouvoir politique. Mais le meurtre sordide de l'oncle d'André, les élections mouvementées de 1882 et les visées politiques de sa bru viendront bouleverser son univers.

Les Rafales du carême est le premier roman de langue française publié par un auteur louisianais depuis 1894.

"Les Rafales du carême" marks the return of French-language literature by a Louisiana author for the first time since 1894. Join us to hear Zachary Richard discuss his inspiration behind the novel, followed by a Q&A session with Joseph Dunn. For more than 25 years,Dunn's  deep knowledge of cultures, languages ​​and Louisiana's distinct heritage brings Joseph Dunn to work at the highest levels levels of tourism and cultural industries in the State of Louisiana.

As Director of Public Relations and Marketing for Laura Plantation, Dunn participates in research and construction of the interpretive story of the heritage site. Joseph also collaborates on a variety of projects focusing on the valorization social, professional and economic of French-speaking Louisianans and Creole.

Joseph Dunn regularly contributes articles to various publications and lends his voice on television and radio broadcasts where he recalls, defends and promotes the historical and contemporary diversity of the Franco-Creolophone populations of the Louisiana. Recognized as an opinion leader on these issues, he is a Knight in the National Order of Merit (France) and Member of the Order of Francophones of America (Quebec). In January 2024, Joseph Dunn was appointed Honorary Consul of Canada to New Orleans.

Don't miss this opportunity to delve into a captivating story rooted in Louisiana's rich history and culture.

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