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A1.1 ADULTS - Once a week, on site

$380.00 USD

Product Code: FA20-ADULTS-A1.1 2020

Out of stock

A2.4 ADULTS - Fall Session, once a week

$380.00 USD

Product Code: FA20-ADULTS-A2.4 2020

Out of stock

A1.2 Extensif - ADULTS, Fall Session, online, once a week

$210.00 USD

Product Code: FA20-ADULTS-A1.2-EXT-ONLINE 2020

Out of stock

Histoire et Société

$150.00 USD

Product Code: Histoire et Société-Fall (2) 2020 2020

Out of stock

A1.1 Extensif - ADULTS, Fall 2 Session, online, once a week

$120.00 USD

Product Code: FA20-ADULTS-A1.1-EXT-ONLINE Fall 2 2020

Out of stock

Initiation 1- ADULTS - Fall 2 Session, online

$120.00 USD

Product Code: FA20-ADULTS-Initiation-Online (Fall 2) 2020

Adultes A1.1. Review-Beginners

$95.00 USD

Product Code: A1.1 Review Session 2020 2020

Adultes A1.3. Review-Beginners

$95.00 USD

Product Code: A1.3 Review Session 2020 2020

Grammar Workshop Bundle for beginners and intermediate

$110.00 USD

Product Code: FA20-W-Gr-Bundle 2020

A la découverte des films classiques français

$40.00 USD

Product Code: FA20-W-Cu-film 2020

Alliance Française
de La Nouvelle-Orléans

1519 Jackson Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70130

Monday-Thursday: 10am-6pm
Friday: 10am-4pm



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